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About Us

What are Natural Supplements?

The health benefits of natural products have gone unrecognized for many years. Research has shown that there is an array of natural sources that help to boost the immune system, heal ailments and prevent disease. Food is not just about nutrients; it is its own medicine. These alternative healing products are proven to work. Perhaps you have heard of superfoods, homeopathy, vitamins, naturopathy or dietary supplements? Well these are all forms of powders and capsules that boost your body and allow you to perform at your peak.

All natural, this makes these products the best choice for your morning, midday or evening snack or meal. Add turmeric to lemon and hot water or drink a moringa capsule at breakfast. Perhaps you need milk thistle to aid in liver recovery or chia seeds to add to a smoothie for some antioxidants. Whatever you need, we stock it.

Value of natural supplements

Natures Secrets’ products are sold in both capsule and powder form. These make for great health supplements and alternatives to modern medicine. They also can be incorporated into number of foods, dishes, and smoothies. Different products target different ailments and health issues. It must be noted that these supplements go together with a healthy, balanced diet.

Natural and herbal supplements have several health benefits. They work on boosting your immune system, strengthening your bone structure, repairing and building up organs and improving memory, concertation and learning abilities. Natural supplements are also a great way to build muscle especially for athletes.

Humble Beginnings

Natures Secret began as a humble vision: to bring quality, Halal certified health products into a market desperate for natural and herbal supplements.


Our herbal products are good for your body, kinder to your body and have less side effects. This makes it ideal for all ages.

We stock powders and capsules.
We offer remedies.

Why Choose Us

We source quality products globally so that you receive the best products at the best prices. Furthermore, we have a wide variety of products to meet your every need. Your health is our number one priority. We only stock vegan friendly, Halal certified and 100% organic supplements.

We also support local. As a local shop in Tongaat** we employ local people and believe in enriching the community. Our products come with a detailed description of what each product is used for and a recommended dosage. It is important to research carefully and ensure you follow the dosages given. This is what we have already done for you. We have made it easier for you. You look, you read, and you buy.

Mission Statement

A healthy body diffuses throughout life and our aim is to create a healthy lifestyle for you. We have ensured that our products are Halal Certified, 100% organic and vegan friendly. It is important to us to be inclusive with our herbal and natural supplement range. Afterall, everyone is entitled to a healthy lifestyle. Our vision is to bring the best quality, affordable products to all.